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Arizona Peridot
and Diamond Pendant

7mm Trillion cut
14K Yellow Gold
.19 ct total Diamond weight

  Pendant 2101

Arizona Peridot and Diamond Pendant

   If you would like to order this piece of fine jewelry, please fill out the contact form.  We do not have a "click and order" system, as there are a variety of questions we need to ask you in order to assure you of correct fit, size, finish, etc.  For Ordering and Return Policies, please see our our "".
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   The majority of our business is custom-designed jewelry, and we work in 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K gold, and Platinum.  We specialize in American gemstones -- natural and untreated, but we also have many other exotic stones from all over the world.  Our prices are very competitive.  Look at our "" page -- all are unsolicited comments from past years.
   We serve the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale area, and work by appointment only
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