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Camelback Mountain, one of the most recognizable Phoenix landmarks, as seen from Papago Park.  Sanctuary on Camelback, the Royal Palms Hotel, and the Phoenician are all located on the slopes of this peak.

   Camelback Mountain, the premier Phoenix landmark, looking north-northwest from the Papago Buttes.  Tilted layers of red rocks (Camel's Head Formation) can be seen on the left (west) end, lying on a much larger and higher mass of .  Summit elevation is 2704 ft (824 m) -- the peak rises about 1600 ft (488 m) above the elevation of downtown Phoenix.  Camelback is one of the most prominent peaks in the .

   If you want more information about Camelback Mountain, download these two FREE short GeoStories™  (PDF files, each <1MB):

Missing Time
Unconformity on Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix, Arizona.

  The line separating two rock formations on Camelback Mountain, in this picture, is about one and a half billion years wide -- or about the thickness of nothing.

  If you think there is no mystery left in geology, read this.  Maybe another plot for a disaster movie?  Help us all and come up with your own idea.

Rock and Roll Geology
This rock doesn't look right to me. How it got here, on Camelback Mountain, will blow you away.

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   See the GeoHistory page if you want to know more about why the landscape looks the way it does, or return to the map of "The Rocks of the Valley of the Sun" for more view locations.
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  There are 6 different views in this sequence, including views from the summit, and of the "Praying Monk".

  You can also see Camelback Mountain from the top of Squaw Peak, several miles or kilometers to the west, and you can see it in the distance from the summit of Black Mountain, in Carefree / Cave Creek.

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