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Tour the Valley of the Sun and its GeoScenery.
Take a virtual tour of the Superstition Mountains, near Phoenix, Apache Junction, and Gold Canyon, Arizona.
Take a virtual tour of Sedona, Flagstaff, Jerome, and the Verde Valley areas, in Arizona.


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Gemological Services, Gemstones, Arizona Peridot, Four Peaks Amethyst, Navajo Garnets, Turquoise, Diamonds, Jewelry from Gemland.
Rock Gardens, Rock Art, Petroglyphs, and Rock Sculpture in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona.
Geological History of The Valley of the Sun and the Superstition Mountains, Arizona.
GeoStories includes geologically, archaeologically, and astronomically inspired articles and stories by Richard Allen, and other recommended reading about the Valley of the Sun and other places in the American West.
Arizona Geology and Geology Tours by GemLand, formerly Gem-Land Adventures.
GemLand presents a variety of things pertaining to rocks -- gemological, geological, and astronomical. Movies, hikes, oddities, links to other sites, and more.
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GemLand -- Phoenix tours, Scottsdale, Arizona geology, gemological services, Four Peaks Amethyst, Arizona Peridot, Sky Jewels (R), Arizona stargazing, Navajo jewelry.
About GemLand (R)

   GemLand was formed by Richard Allen in 1995 as a way of connecting people with ROCKS -- all kinds of rocks.  Our gemstone business (since 1985) has been the core of GemLand.
   We offer you the some of the best of American gemstones, including Arizona Peridot, Four Peaks Amethyst, Turquoise, Arizona Garnets, and also diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more!

   We offer you a most interesting way of touring or staying among the exotic rock formations of the Phoenix / Scottsdale metropolitan area!
   And we offer you entertaining evening viewing of the stars and planets of Arizona's glittering night skies -- with a high-powered telescope, star charts, and legends!

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Arizona Garnet, Arizona Peridot, Four Peaks Amethyst, & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise -- all American Gemstones, all from Arizona, all NATURAL.   The four vivid gemstones that make up our logo are Turquoise (blue), Peridot (green), Amethyst (purple), and Garnet (red).
   Arizona is America's leading gem producing state, and these stones are the reason.
   Turquoise is produced now as a by-product of copper mining.
   Amethyst comes from a mine high on Four Peaks, visible from the Phoenix area.
   Peridot comes from the San Carlos Apache Reservation, where one of the largest deposits in the world is located.

   And Arizona Garnet comes from Monument Valley, one of the most iconic places on Earth. 
   GemLand has many other precious stones as well, but these come from home!

   Richard Allen is a Certified Professional Geologist* (AIPG) and an Accredited Gemologist** (AIGS).  And as you can tell by now, Richard loves ROCKS, and knows them well.
   His career includes gold mine evaluation studies and extensive mapping projects in remote areas of Alaska, and archaeological investigations of Fremont sites and Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) ruins in the Southwest.
   He received gemological certification in 1985 at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Bangkok, Thailand -- the gemstone capital of the world.
   Richard became an importer of fine gemstones into the United States after traveling extensively in Thailand, Burma, India, and Brazil.
   These activities have provided a wide and unusual variety of experience in the jewelry industry.

   Richard taught Gemology to retail jewelers and student goldsmiths for five years at the Seattle area's Highline College.  Its Jewelry and Goldsmithing Technology Department was the Northwest's only such accredited degree program.  He is a skilled jewelry designer.
   He has written more than 50 articles, including those for the Puget Sound Business Journal, Gemological Digest, and Northwest Valley Lifestyles magazine.
   Richard also wrote the "Geology" chapter for the 1997 book Ruby & Sapphire, the world's most definitive treatment of the subject.
   And besides the above, he is an avid astronomer!
   Richard has given numerous presentations to trade groups, professional societies, social and service clubs, and has led a local hiking group for many years.

Richard Allen

   He has conducted astronomy and geology programs for The Boulders Resort in Carefree since 1996, and also teaches workshops at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.
   The JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort, the Four Seasons Resort - Scottsdale , Marriott's Camelback Inn, and Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain are also among his clients.

   Richard lives in Phoenix, where he is very close to some of the most spectacular rocks in the world, and under its starriest skies!

   *   The American Institute of Professional Geologists, recognized world-wide, confers this title to those meeting its strict educational requirements and ethical standards, and it is unrelated to registration by the State of Arizona.  He has been a member since 1984.
   ** This title is conferred by the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, in Bangkok, Thailand -- one of the world's foremost schools for the study of gemstones.  Richard graduated in 1985.

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